Experience, Leadership, Commitment

Having graduated from Hope High School in 1965, Frank has since experienced a wide variety of additional educational opportunities including Industrial Engineering at Roger Williams College, Business Administration at Johnson & Wales College, Accounting & Economics at Bryant College, Negotiating Courses at The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and finally, participated in a course study on Strategic Management at the prestigious Wharton School of Business. These, in part, have molded and prepared Frank for the multifaceted challenges faced by a State Senator. Such an educational background has enabled Frank to be extremely helpful to those in need.

Frank’s history of service and leadership includes a stint in the Rhode Island Army National Guard. Having been elected to the R.I. State Senate in District 7 in 2002, Frank has served as the Chairman of the State Senate Committee on Labor since 2019, as well as the present Chairman of the Permanent Joint Committee for the State Lottery. Frank has also served on the Finance, Government Ethics, and Oversight State Senate Committee.

In addition to his governmental service, Frank has been involved in local civic affairs, including being the Business Manager of the Rhode Island Judicial, Professional, and Technical Employees Local Union 808 and the National Commander of the Italian-American War Veterans.

Since Frank’s election to the R.I. State Senate in 2002, he has been unwavering in his service and commitment to the people of Rhode Island, especially to his constituents, who have experienced first hand his readiness to listen and stand up for their concerns, regardless of how difficult the task.

Frank Ciccone knows and loves Rhode Island and the people of Rhode Island know and love Frank. Please donate to Senator Ciccone to allow him to continue to serve ALL of the people of our great state of Rhode Island!